Accounting Services

2018-10-30 17:35:19

Many companies call on us to help with accounting and financial reporting. This is often a more practical and cost-effective solution than hiring and retaining employees. In some cases, such as the preparation of payroll documents, the owner-manager may choose to use us as an outsider because the information is confidential or sensitive.

The accounting services we provide to our clients may include:

- Restoration of accounting

- Full or partial accounting

- Assistance in opening a new company and development of a primary accounting system

- Preparation of primary accounting documents and reports

- Provision of electronic tax services (submission of reports)

- Outsourcing of the accounting system, card accounting, salary calculation and reporting

- Advising on the calculation and payment of tax liabilities and other payments

- Protection of the client's interests and rights in tax and other government agencies

- Development and application of separate financial and tax schemes

- Financial analysis of the company

- Representation of the interests of the enterprise in government agencies